Tackling the problem Tackling the problem:

We have the experience to help solve your issues with coating and finishing problems no problem to small.


Professionally qualified with 30+ years experience in the metal finishing and surface coating industry. I have owned a business and been employed in the management of sub contracting coatings and the supply of chemistry to the finishing 
Fully competent of the responsibilities required to manage and control all forms of coating systems, from both the health and safety aspect through to production 
control .

Technical Support: -
 Relating to all aspects of metal finishing and coating, with help on coating difficult substrates, such as Titanium, Inconels and other base materials.

Problem Solving: - Logical and methodical approach to interpret problems, providing effective solutions. 

New Project Process Management: - Review new processes or coating application and the feasibility to a project

Process Evaluation / Control: - Control methods and systems for processes stability

Product Selection: - Advice on specification and application of 
coatings for current and new projects

Site Clearance: - 
Management of site clearance operations

Expert Supplier Evaluation:- Review current supplier practices

Process Mapping: - Interactive flowcharts using visual aids, aid in bespoke software design and integration

Process FMEA`s: - Visually linked process FMEA`s


We have a diverse network of people we can call on to give professional technical advice on a wide ranging subjects, through all areas of coatings from paint coatings, plating, vapour deposition and heat treatments. If we are personally unable to help we will direct you in the direction of other professional companies.

Other Services

  • Web Design
  • Intranets
  • Control Plans
  • Visually Controlled FMEAs