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Med Phos EnP Plating

Bright uniform appearance containing 7 - 9% phosphorous.

Excellent corrosion protection & resistance
High hardness
Bright Deposit
Excellent deposit uniformity
Highest plating rates possible
Pit free/pore free deposits

Part durability
Improved wear and abrasion characteristics
Eliminates post-plate grinding, maintains tolerances
Fewer reworks and rejects
Maintains part integrity
Functional in various applications

(Med Phos)coatings can be applied in very thin deposits to deposits of 75 microns with good dimensional precision on most metallic substrates, including mild steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium and copper. This allows the designer to choose his substrate and mating parts on the basis of a need for strength, light-weight or corrosion resistance. Any problems of wear or corrosion which might occur with such materials can be overcome