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Zinc Nickel Plating

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The zinc nickel process used is alkaline based, and it gives an alloy composition of 12-15% high nickel alloy in the zinc coating. A key feature of the process used is the excellent metal distribution and a constant alloy composition. The coating can be used in areas such as under bonnet where there are varying thermal conditions. Zinc nickel is harder wearing than other zinc deposits and does not produce voluminous white corrosion product either. Zinc Nickel deposits can be passivated in a black, bronze, deep colour or transparent type passivate.

High Nickel content 10-15%
Offers high corrosion resistance
Chromates available - clear, yellow and black
Hard deposit (350-450 Vickers) - this provides a scratch resistant coating
Excellent temperature resistance
Excellent covering power
An alternative process to Cadmium plating
Ductile deposits

Automotive ; Brake systems, hydraulic pipes, air conditioning, off road, suspension components, under bonnet
Threaded products and fasteners requiring the highest level of corrosion protection. Aircraft components exposed to the elements. Locomotives and railway equipment.