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Tin Zinc Plating

Tin-Zinc offers up to 1000 hours of corrosion protection without the “toxic” label that cadmium has and to a lesser extent, nickel as well. Tin-Zinc is generally considered twice as effective as cadmium plating and five to ten times better than traditional zinc plating. Because Tin-Zinc is considered an “alloy-zinc,” it performs much better than standard zinc plating.
Tin-Zinc has wide operating parameters and can be plated on steel and many iron-alloy surfaces. The use of yellow and clear chromate film is available, thus enhancing the corrosion protection qualities of Tin-Zinc.

Excellent corrosion resistance.
Excellent Solderability, even after ageing for several months
Withstands severe bending and crimping
Excellent ductility
Provides good protection on Steel when in contact with Aluminium
Excellent conductivity
Allows application to sensitive electronic components, and glass to metal seals with
no attack to the glass
An alternative to Cadmium plating

Machinery, tools and equipment used on ships and docks in marine environments. For all threaded products including fasteners that require a high level of corrosion protection. Aircraft components exposed to the elements. Automobiles, off-road vehicles, and exterior suspension components. Locomotives and railway equipment. For parts requiring corrosion resistance to sulphurous chemicals, and fasteners requiring the highest level of corrosion protection. Aircraft components exposed to the elements. Locomotives and railway equipment.